Quality and Environment Policy

LAINCO, S.A. is an independent chemical company with a recognized business identity since 1934 in the research, development, manufacturing, packaging and marketing of pharmaceutical and plant protection products. We form a human team committed to the satisfaction and the service to the customer, based on quality, respect for the environment, technological innovation and the internationalization of our activities.

The Managing Director of LAINCO S.A. establishes, implements and maintains the Policy of the lntegrated Quality and Environmental Management System (hereinafter IMS) of the company, which is specified as follows.

LAINCO, S.A. believes that establishing strategies for a rational and sustainable chemical industry and compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 13485 is a fundamental part of our business activity.

The IMS policy of LAINCO S.A. is based on the following basic principles:

 -   Compliance with all current legal regulations and all subscribed commitments that apply to us in terms of quality and environment.

 -   Prevention of pollution derived from our activities by minimizing the generation of waste and controlling emissions and discharges.

 -  Optimization of the use of resources by promoting responsible consumption among company personnel and prioritizing reuse over waste generation.

 -     The continuous improvement of our products, processes, facilities and the environmental performance of the organization.

 -     Identification of risks and opportunities for improvement to continue maintaining the trust of our clients and to minimize our environmental impact as much as possible.

 -     Establishment of objectives and goals to work on improving established quality management and improving environmental performance.

 -     Review by the Management of the entire IMS to guarantee its effectiveness

 For the development of these basic principles, we work on:

 -Quality and environmental training and consciousness of all employees.

 -Disclosure and availability of the policy to all LAINCO S.A. employees and relevant stakeholders.

 -Continuous updating of technological knowledge applicable to the quality and environmental performance of our activities by our technical staff.

 -Technical advice to our clients and users, always contemplating the rational and sustainable use of our products.

 -  Ensure the correct operation of the IMS, assigning responsibilities and authority to ensure a correct: 

  • Application of the requirements of the standards. 
  • Operation of the processes. 
  • lnformation to the top management on the performance of the IMS and on opportunities for improvement. 
  • Application of customer focus and 
  • lntegrity of the IMS in front of changes.

The complete development of this integrated policy is contained in the Quality and Environment Manual.

Rubí (Spain), on 21 december 2021


Eudald Codina - Managing Director

Last update > 27/10/2022