44th Spanish Congress of Podiatry

44th Spanish Congress of Podiatry

LAINCO has participated in the 44th National Congress of Podiatry wich was held in Logroño on 4, 5 and 6 October 2013.

At the Congress attended by some 650 podiatrists in Spain.

LAINCO has counted with the presence of a stand where it has been promoted and explained the features of his product MERCROMINA FILM, the treatment of choice in antisepsis and wound healing, adjunctive therapy in onychomycosis and skin care in the patient with neuropathic diabetic foot ulcers.

LAINCO has presented at the Congress a new clinical trial, carried out at Bellvitge’s Podiatric Hospital, on MERCROMINA FILM has been used in the treatment on onychocryptosis with excellent results.

During the Congress, the assistance to the LAINCO’s stand was very large, with very favourable reviews to the product, and a great interest in new MERCROMINA FILM applications in the field of Podiatry.

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