Puntulsenna®, the sen in drops

Puntulsenna®, the sen in drops

LAINCO, S.A. announces the launch of Puntualsenna® 15ml oral drops, Dietary supplement containing sennosides B from Cassia angustifolia indicated to normalize the function of the intestinal tract.

The pharmaceutical form in drops is ideal for almost everyone since they are practical and convenient to take. Taking it preferably at night, the desired effect is achieved the following morning.

Puntualsenna® will replace the renowned laxative Puntual®, a medicine that for decades has been effectively solving occasional constipation problems and which will no longer be available when stock runs out.

Puntualsenna® (CN 185841.2) is distributed through wholesalers and is available to pharmacies that can already advise it to all people with intestinal regularity problems.

Last update > 27/10/2022