New packaging of LAINEMA

New packaging of LAINEMA

LAINCO announces the merchandising of the new packaging of LAINEMA 14/3 g/100 ml solution rectal.

LAINEMA solution rectal is presented in a new, more comfortable and hygienic packaging, with a shorter and flexible lubricated cannula. The new packaging allows a faster emptying velocity for a less aggressive implementation.

LAINEMA solution rectal maintains its characteristics of being a latex-free product and with a non-return valve. The opening system has been improved, so that pushing aside the protection cap is pulled out more easily.

LAINEMA solution rectal is indicated for faecal impaction, before radiological examinations, in childbirth and post-partum, in pre and post-surgery and before proctoscopy, sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy.

Last update > 04/08/2022